I’m a self-taught and an aspiring musician and started off as a drummer. It’s been 11 years that I have been drumming and I really look forward to always continuing this as my passion. Not only drums but I also play the piano and the guitar. These instruments and all this music has always been an important part of my life. Since the age of 4 I have certainly been a person who not only enjoys music but also understands its elements just so to enhance my own knowledge and to become a better musician. It started with me playing the Tabla and the Harmonium at age 4 especially on Punjabi Shabads and then gradually I got into drumming and started playing the keyboard too. Performing live has always been a fun element of being a musician. It’s not just the drumming part but also the glittery lights and the people cheering and enjoying is what makes you like the moment more. I’ve performed live at many places with extremely talented musicians and have been a drummer with a session band called Credence. It’s always a beautiful experience working with other artists as you get to learn so much more. I’m also working with a band called The Devine Icons as a session artist and not as a permanent member of the band. Coming to the composing and production part – This thing of recording has always been much of a dream for me. From my early desires of drumming to now being a music composer and a producer has been a very long journey. It had its own ups and downs, had its own “epic” moments and surely had those moments too when I thought I should not be doing music but really something just held me so tightly to this art and I’m pretty sure it’s the support I get from my parents, my family and my teachers. Nothing at all would have been possible without the love and the understanding I’ve had with my parents. The faith they have in me inspires me to get better at the work I’m doing. I have played on the opening of the Gurgaon fest twice with an extremely talented percussionist and my own mentor Sir Darpan Dua who pretty much made me. Opening the show for Indian Ocean and Parikrama had its high too. Hanging out back stage with them was a cool moment, really. Then some of my other proud works have been shooting corporate documentaries for Indian Health Organization, film scoring for Dream Big Productions, performance with Astitva Band, IVR recordings for Indian Health Organization and American Express, collaboration projects with extremely talented guitarists and vocalists also have a special place in my heart. I’m really dedicated to this art and the only thing I desire is the support and the love, which only you guys can give me. So keep listening and keep sharing. So this is much about my life, and me! Keep following me here and always stay connected.